How to import CAD files into Giraffe

Giraffe imports and exports a variety of GIS and BIM formats. Import dxf, dwg, obj, gltf and more into Giraffe.

There are two broad categories of BIM data: line drawings such as dxf files and mesh files such as obj. 

Importing line drawings - user defined projection

  1. Main menu (☰) -> Project -> Project Settings 
  2. + Add Project Property then add a property named "crs" with the Proj4 string of your projection. You can find the Proj4 string by searching for your chosen projection here. This projection will be used for import and export now.
  3. Main menu (☰) -> Layers -> Vector (Geojson and Shapefile) and select your .dxf file. The file will be imported into Giraffe using the projection defined above.

Importing line drawings - unknown projection

  1. Main menu (☰) -> Export Project -> DXF (CAD Format) to download giraffe.dxf
  2. Import giraffe.dxf into your CAD program and align your other content with it
  3. Save the aligned content to other.dxf
  4. Main menu (☰) -> Layers -> Vector (Geojson and Shapefile) and select the other.dxf file. The file will be projected using the reverse of the transform used to create giraffe.dxf.

Importing mesh files

  1. Convert into a gltf using for example
  2. Import into Giraffe Terrain Viewer using Main menu (☰) -> Layers -> GLTF Upload (terrain viewer only) as in How to import Sketchup models.