How do I download multiple projects from Giraffe via API?

You may need to download multiple projects to connect Giraffe data to a BI tool.

Data from multiple projects can be downloaded via a GET request to<GIRAFFE_SESSION_AUTH_TOKEN>&projectId=<COMMA_SEPARATED_PROJECT_IDS>

To get data from Giraffe via API,  you will require your authentication token, which will expire every 14 days. If you're logged in to Giraffe, you can get your token from Replace <GIRAFFE_SESSION_AUTH_TOKEN> in the url with this value.

You will also need a list of project IDs which can be found in the url while you are inside that project in Giraffe. Replace <COMMA_SEPARATED_PROJECT_IDS> in the url with these values.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 8.34.08 PM